Video Marketing

Video Marketing - Attract your target audience digitally

People tend to remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what is just visible to them and 70% of what is both audible and visible. What we mean to make you understand by this is that, video sets in the base of mind much more than any other form of media. And hence, why we should be choosing Video Marketing over other marketing tactics is clear.

Google defines Online Video Marketing as 'An attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences.'

That correct but not clear. To make it a little clearer, let's assume you in the place of a consumer. You go around the city and see ads hanging on banner. How long do you remember it for? Or maybe you hear an ad or promotion while earphones fit in your ears. How long is that supposed to be in your head? Not longer than few minutes or hours. But when you see a video which is versatile, informative and attractive to your ears and eyes, your chances of forgetting it reduces. In fact, you get an urge to buy that particular product or take advantage of that particular service.

Video Advertising - one of the most effective medium for Online Video Marketing

Every brand has some perspective. Every brand carries load of a vision. A vision of leading in the consumers or customers mind. That level of connectively could only be gained when you are doing something out of the box. Many Video Marketing Companies are formed specifically for this purpose.

Various platforms to deliver

We know that today there are endless number of platforms for doing Video marketing, be it you tube, video boards, broadcast television and street marketing.

Accessible to everyone, easily

With Smartphone's in your hands 24*7, online Video Content are accessible anytime, anywhere, and so Video Marketing is possible everywhere. You have choice in your hand if you want to continue watching it or skip it or even If you want to re-watch it.

Pushes conversion and sales

We can imagine that if only pictures can boost the engagement online so massively, then what impact a moving picture can have on your business. Since, vision is considered as the most dominant sense of all. It is not that difficult to understand why a Video Marketing is so effective.

Videos give life to your brand

Videos are something that Google loves to find on your page. Viral videos tend to give max conversion. It has been proven that you are 53 times more likely to be visible on page 1 of the search engines if you embed a video on your website. The presence or absence of a video makes a lot of difference on the engagement on your website. Viral videos bring maximum profit.

Develop a Video Marketing campaign with DG Digital

In fact, video has been proven to be 600% more effective than any other tool of marketing, be it print or direct mail. With this we can conclude that Video Marketing is nothing but a type of internet marketing in which a short video of 2-5 minutes are made, using the concerned topic and the information about the same from various sources.


The video is then uploaded to various social media sites like youtube, facebook etc leading to attract more of target audiences gaining full credibility over ones brand. Such Video Marketing Trends proved out to be more effective to the customers. Such Video Marketing Trends is considered as the new tool in the promotional baggage or simply Video Promotion. But of course the most effective one too.

Using Video Marketing as your tool of digital marketing or digital advertising is a boon as it pushes your business to the next level. Also when you opt digital marketing as your tool for Video Promotion , you need to make your content more generalized and informative. The graphics are required to be more innovative but simplified as well so that the audience understands what you are trying to say clearly.